Rules: Pick the how the teams will finish.  6-12 must be in EXACT position for you to be awarded 1 pt.  Playoff teams can be any 3 that don't make the final, worth 2 pts each.  Pick the Champion, 5 pts & the runner up, 3 pts.



TEAM> Pacific North Holt Kansas City Key West Davis West London Turner Miller Headley New Orleans AVG
CHAMPION(5pts)   Kansas City Kansas City Davis New Orleans Davis Holt Pacific North Davis Holt Pacific North   Kansas City
Runner-Up(3pts)   Davis New Orleans Kansas City Headley Kansas City New Orleans Kansas City Kansas City Key West Miller   New Orleans
Playoffs(2pts)   Taipei McCune Taipei Kansas City New Orleans Kansas City Davis Taipei Kansas City New Orleans   Davis
Playoffs(2pts)   Pacific North Davis New Orleans McCune Taipei McCune Turner New Orleans Pacific North Turner   Pacific North
Playoffs(2pts)   New Orleans Taipei Pacific North Turner Turner Headley New Orleans Turner New Orleans Taipei   Taipei
#6(1pt)   Turner Headley Key West Holt Key West Turner Taipei McCune Headley Headley   Turner
#7(1pt)   McCune Key West West London Key West Headley Key West Headley Pacific North West London Davis   Headley
#8(1pt)   Headley Turner McCune Davis Pacific North Davis McCune Key West Davis Holt   Key West
#9(1pt)   Key West Pacific North Headley Pacific North West London West London West London Headley Turner Kansas City   McCune
#10(1pt)   West London Miller Holt Miller Miller Pacific North Key West Miller McCune Key West   Holt
#11(1pt)   Miller West London Turner West London McCune Taipei Miller West London Taipei McCune   West London
#12(1pt)   Holt Holt Miller Taipei Holt Miller Holt Holt Miller West London   Miller


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