AFL12 This Week's Game Results

2037 season October 25, 2037 Week 8

Offensive player of the week: Richard M. Nixon, QB, Turner

Defensive player of the week: Quay Walker, LB, Holt

Kansas City 38 at McCune 17 Danny Kannell, QB, Kansas City Felix Anud Ike-Uzomah, LB, Kansas City West London 34 at Davis 40 Valenino Rossi, HB, Davis Joey Porter, LB, Davis Key West 6 at New Orleans 26 Harrison Butker, K, New Orleans Dicaprio Bootle, S, New Orleans Turner 35 at Miller 28 Richard M. Nixon, QB, Turner Derrick Brooks, LB, Miller Holt 21 at Prichard 14 Aaron Rodgers, QB, Holt Quay Walker, LB, Holt Headley 48 at Taipei 34 Niki Lauda, QB, Headley Enzo Ferrari, CB, Headley AFL12, 2037 season, Week 8

AFL12 This Week's Records Set

2037 season October 25, 2037 Week 8 Team Punts: Fewest Punts, Game 1: Davis

AFL12 Team news

2037 season October 25, 2037 Week 8 Holt Packers Released: Blair Thomas (HB) Signed as free agent: Bob Turner (DT) New Orleans Po Boys No news. Miller Bulldogs No news. Headley Black Dogs No news. West London Jabberwocky No news. Taipei Thundercocks No news. Kansas City Jazz No news. Prichard Wolfpack No news. McCune Dirt Devils No news. Turner Penguins No news. Key West Flying Dutchmen No news. Davis Motorheads No news.

AFL12 Next week's games

2037 season November 1, 2037 Week 9 Prichard at Key West Taipei at Turner McCune at Holt Davis at Headley New Orleans at Kansas City Miller at West London NEWS v98.06 A fine shareware program